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The Wife Of A Memphis Hustler: An African American Romance Novel (Paperback)

The Wife Of A Memphis Hustler: An African American Romance Novel By Jammie Jaye Cover Image
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From the moment Allia met Cell she knew he would be the one to change her life. He proclaimed that they would share the kind of love the old folks always talked about, an old school love. The kind of love that was unbreakable. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him, he was her moon and she thought she was his star. When Cell commits the unthinkable, Allia finds herself falling on the underbelly of love. This causes her to wade in the hell filled trenches of heartbreak. Her universe unravels and her heart crushes in the process.Dub, a driven-motivated boss on the rise, has two things on his mind: raising his daughter and building his empire. He is determined to provide his princess a life of luxury and leave a legacy she can be proud of. This leaves no room for distractions or the cons that often come with love. When the winds of fate lead him to Allia, he finds himself questioning the rules he thought he would never break. A moment of distraction leads to desire, desire leads to passion and passion eventually leads to love. When Dub finally makes the decision to let his guard down and open his heart, will Allia welcome all he has to offer with open arms? Or will she let the scars from her past devour her heart?Jabo is handsome, rich and living his best life. Every day is a good day in his world and every night is the right night for a different woman in his bed. Jabo loves variety and keeping his options open. When Erin enters his life, his world becomes knocked off it's axial; the vibrant playboy that once controlled it, slowly begins to die. Erin shows him that if you have the right one, one woman is all you need. But what happens when the women and nights of the past keep calling his name? Will Jabo be able to be the man that Erin needs him to be? Or will he return to his womanizing ways?Erin grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth and anything she wanted at her disposable. To those on the outside looking in she had it all but in Erin's eyes, her life was at a standstill and devoid of purpose. When she meets Jabo there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel and she finally has a plan for her life. There's just one problem, the man in her past who has plans of his own and refuses to let her go.Deaja is young and na ve when it comes to the streets and the unforgiving lessons they can teach. However, if it's left up to her brothers, she'll never have to live those lessons. A "diamond" in her brother's eyes, there is nothing they won't do; including, committing murder, to protect her. Despite their having her best interest in mind, Deaja finds her brother's cloak of protection suffocating. She wants to breathe and live life on her terms and without conditions.When Deaja meets Corry, he introduces her to a world filled with action, adventure and everything she's been longing for. However, sometimes it's not what a person introduces you to that leads to destruction but the things they withhold that leave us on the verge of hell. When Deaja learns the whole truth about Corry, will she be able to recover? Or will she fall victim to the very things her family tried to keep from her?Join the players in this African American urban romance as they attempt to make the best of the hands they've been dealt while maneuvering through life, love, and the streets of Memphis. Find out what happens in The Wife Of A Memphis Hustler.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798621390341
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 4th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English