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Drowning In Love With A Hitta 2: An Orlando Love Story (Paperback)

Drowning In Love With A Hitta 2: An Orlando Love Story By Lemonica Cover Image
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They say never kick a person while they're down but if you do, be prepared for when they get back up.

While Shaniya is at her worse and doesn't remember how she ended up in the state that she's in, the two people that she least expected are stepping up for her. Although she can't remember what happened to her, the one thing she can remember is how her boyfriend Jamal treated her before everything took place. Everyone Shaniya thought loved her are proving to be snakes including the person who knew all of her secrets. She's learning to love your enemies and hate your friends because your friends will change, but your enemies won't.

Shaunte is holding on to a secret that can destroy her friendship with Shaniya but in her mind, it's for her to know and you not to find out. She's stuck between two people, and she can't let either of them go. In this book, she learns that two people can play the same game. Her girlfriend Bookie shows her the prime example that no matter how masculine she is, she still has a woman's intuition.

Killa's feeling remorseful and trying to right his wrongs. Although he's in good grace with Shaniya, he's holding something from her that could destroy the piece of bond they've created.

When Jamal plans to finally throw in his jersey and be a good man to Shaniya, he gets confirmation that she isn't as innocent as she portrayed to be. Will he stick around until she's well or will he leave her to fend for herself?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798394045257
Publisher: S. Yvonne Presents
Publication Date: May 9th, 2023
Pages: 174
Language: English